FocusVision Helmet Inspection Block Camera, Specially Built for the Construction Site

    The intelligent detection block camera of the FocusVision detects the wearing of safety helmets by intelligent AI algorithms to prevent illegal entry into construction operations, eliminate human management defects at the construction site, and reduce the incidence of high-risk accidents caused by not wearing safety helmets. It can effectively assist the construction site project department to improve the level of risk management, truly achieve advance warning, normal detection during the event, and standardized management after the event, ensure the safety of employees, and ensure safe production.

AI features

Intelligent recognition to ensure wear


Intelligent color identification, accurate monitoring  

Identify the color of the helmet worn by the person (red, blue, yellow, white, orange, black)


Real-time monitoring, real-time refresh 

The wearing status of personnel helmets in the screen can be refreshed in real time to avoid the occurrence of irregular wearing of safety helmets after personnel enter the construction site.


General  Features

Mainstream configuration, strong compatibility  

Support 2MP, H.265/H.264 , up to 256G TF CARD,

Support starlight 23X optical 6.7-154.1mm,

Support Starlight, WDR, Auto Focus

Support Smart Functions: Motion Detection, Video Mask, Area Intrusion, Line Crossing, etc. 


How to ensure the smooth progress of the project and ensure the personal safety of the construction site personnel tests the wisdom of the manager. Through scientific and technological means, FocusVision Security helps the engineering project safety precautions.

Post time: Jul-19-2022