In the Next 5 years, Who Will Lead the Global Intelligent Video Surveillance Market

Since the emergence of the epidemic in 2020, the intelligent security industry has presented many uncertainties and complexities. At the same time, it faces intractable problems such as the imbalance of upstream and downstream supply chains, the price of raw materials, and the shortage of chips, making the whole industry seem to be shrouded in fog.In recent years, artificial intelligence technology has developed rapidly. At present, various countries and governments have placed artificial intelligence in a relatively high strategic position. The penetration rate of smart front-end continues to increase steadily, with China leading the world.


According to the latest data, in 2020, the shipment penetration rate of global AI network cameras reached more than 15%, China is close to 19%, it is expected that in 2025, the penetration rate of global AI cameras will increase to 64%, China will reach 72%, and China is far ahead in the world in AI penetration and acceptance.

01 The development of front-end intelligence is accelerating, and the application scenarios are diverse.

Front-end camera, due to the limitation of computing power and cost, some intelligent functions, can only perform some simple tasks, such as the recognition of people, cars and objects.
Now due to the dramatic increase in computing power, and the dramatic decrease in cost, some complex tasks can also be carried out in the front end, such as video structure and image growth technology.

02 The penetration rate of smart back-end continues to rise, with China leading the world. 

The penetration of back-end intelligence is also increasing.
Global shipments of back-end devices reached 21 million units in 2020, of which 10% were smart devices and 16% in China. By 2025, global AI end-segment penetration is expected to grow to 39%, of which 53% will be in China.

03 The explosive growth of massive data has promoted the construction of security middle office.

Due to the continuous intelligence of front-end and back-end equipment and the continuous improvement of penetration rate, a large number of structured and unstructured data are generated, which shows an explosive growth state, promoting the construction of security center.
How to make better use of these data and mining the value behind the data is a task that the security center needs to undertake.

04 The proportion of investment in various industries reflects the acceleration of intelligent construction.

In each industry inside intelligent landing of a situation.
We have segmented the overall smart security market into different end-user sectors, with the highest percentages being cities (16%), transportation (15%), government (11%), commerce (10%), finance (9%), and education (8%).

05 Smart video surveillance empowers all industries.

In recent years, governments of various countries are gradually promoting the digitalization process of cities. Projects such as safe city and smart city emerge in endlessly, which also promote the progress of intelligent security of cities. According to the market size of each industry and the future growth potential, the following growth scale of the city is relatively large.


The degree of intelligence continues to deepen, and the penetration rate of intelligent equipment gradually increases. Among them, China is a global leader in the development of intelligence. It is expected that in 2025, the penetration rate of China's intelligent front-end equipment will reach more than 70%, and the back-end will also reach more than 50%, which is rapidly moving into the era of intelligent video.

Post time: Sep-02-2022