The Digital Sentinel Product of Focusvision

In the blink of an eye, more than half of the 2022 has passed. In the past time, in the face of the impact of unfavorable factors such as the weak environment and the repeated epidemic situation, smart security companies are actively looking for new ways and new growth tracks. Among them, the digital sentinel was in the intelligent security circle with a thunderbolt. In addition to fixed places such as hospitals, subway stations, communities, construction sites, office buildings, schools, supermarkets and scenic spots, they can also be seen in bus stations.

What is a digital sentry?

Digital sentinel, the full name of “Health Verification All -in -one”, is a new type of informatization equipment with fast verification of health code, ID card, nucleic acid detection information. In popular terms, digital sentinel is compared with technologies such as face recognition in industrial vision technology and comparison of human biological characteristics and identity information in order to verify the identity of visitors.

At present,Focusvision has cut into the track of the digital sentinel. Focusvision’s Digital Sentinel products are smart terminals that integrate health code color tests, temperature prevention and control, identity verification, and attendance. For the entrance and exit scenarios with high requirements for pass efficiency, it can achieve code scanning verification, high precision temperature measurement, ID card test, body temperature abnormal alarm, quota registered registration, dynamic binocular+biopsy anti -counterfeiting, mask detection and early warning, traffic flow, traffic flow, traffic flow, people traffic Statistics, storage, white list release, attendance management and other functions. The product has the characteristics of health code verification, health management, fast temperature measurement, high temperature measurement, high traffic efficiency, high authentication safety factor, easy operation, and normalized deployment during non -epidemic. Efficiency and avoiding the risk of bullying.

There are many kinds of styles, generally including column type, gate type, and wall mounted type.



wall mounted:APG-IPD-661


In general, in the case of digital prevention and control of the epidemic prevention and control, and health code, AI epidemic prevention has begun, and digital sentinels will be one of the normal conditions.

The release of digital sentry new products one after another is a typical example of intelligent security enterprises to improve the intelligent, technological, and informatization level of the epidemic prevention and control.

Post time: Sep-19-2022